Environmental Hazard Of Living At Higher Elevations

What is considered higher elevation?

The soil terrain is so diverse in every region and can even differ in the same region. People have spread across the terrain and settled at different locations. This may be due to the availability of resources or in modern times due to the close proximity to major cities and towns.

In normal terrain, mountainous regions are spread across the plains. People have settled in valleys and mountainous regions. The correct measurement of the elevation is the height above sea level. Generally a height of two hundred meters above sea level is considered to be a higher elevation.

The environmental hazard

Landslides are the most common environmentalhazard faced by people living in higher elevations like mountains. In a snowy region or a temperate country, avalanches are the most common environmental hazard.

Many lives can be lost and major destruction to property can also take place.

Landslides are happening more frequently these days for many reasons. One of the main reasons is soil erosion. Soil erosion takes place for many natural reasons and in recent times, due to human activities as well.

During deforestation in the mountains, the soil starts to become lose and erode as the stability that the roots gave is lost. Therefore the soil starts to wash away during rainfall and become lose. Landslides can then occur as the soil from higher elevations in the mountain can roll down and be displaced.

The aftermath

Apart from rehabilitation of the people and property, many geologists study the region and conduct a thorough investigation of the region. Many geologists use different types of equipment such as joint and crack meters, a digital inclinometer and also many data loggers to record their data.

A digital inclinometer is a very useful tool for the geologists and geophysicists that study the terrain of the mountainous region. The vertical and horizontal inclinations can be studied and the overall geology can be studied carefully.

The geologists that are sent to the regions of landslide prone areas are generally expected to submit their data and findings to the main geological body of the country or region so that disaster management services as well as the local authorities can help and assist the people living in those regions. Look here for further information regarding geotechnical equipment.

People can be given awareness about the potential environmental hazards and the precautions they could take to ensure their safety and the safety of their houses and property.

The government and authorities should give priority to more geological research and equipment to have a degree of control and maintain the wellbeing of their people living in different regions.

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