4 Contacts That Every Business Owner Should Have On Speed Dial

As the person who oversees and handles all the main activities of a business every single day, every business owner can feel frazzled and out of his depth once in a while. Getting things done in time can be a challenge that you face every single day you work on your business. But there are people who can help you out and be of assistance if it is required. Here are some of the most important contacts you as a business owner should have on speed-dial;

1. Your Main Supplier

You should keep close tabs with the main supplier of your raw materials for several reasons. Firstly, you need to inform him of the order quantities and of any changes well in time. Also, you need to inform him of any cancellations of orders. At the same time, you need to be informed of any shortages if he is ever unable to deliver an order on time or in the quantity you requested, so that you can get these supplies from another source. Therefore, it is of great importance that you save your main supplier’s contact details on speed-dial.

2. The Maintenance Guys

Whether it is the building, computer hardware or the electricity connection that requires maintenance, it helps to have all of these contacts on speed-dial just to be safe. Especially when it comes to electricity, it is crucial for any business to have the connection in good running condition so that the business operations can stay powered. Electrical contractors will help you not only with the initial installation and setting up of electrical connectivity for your business, but also the maintenance of the wiring and components.

You can also call up your electrical contractors if there is an emergency as a result of a breakdown so that you can have them take a look and get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. The Bank’s Helpdesk

Many of today’s transactions are preformed via online banking and credit cards. Especially when it comes to businesses, very few business owners still keep cash at hand to pay off suppliers and to meet the daily financial needs of the business. So it is very important that you keep in touch with your bank should there be any complications when performing an online transaction or paying off bills or payments with your credit card. Note the number at the back of your credit card for customer service and save it as an emergency contact on your mobile phone so that you can call for assistance as and when the need to do so arises.

4. The Person Who Keeps Your Accounts

Your accountant probably knows more about the financial position of your business than you do. If there is ever a problem with the numbers, your accountant should be the first person you call for explanations and advice. Have all the financial analyses completed at regular intervals. It is good if you can find the time to sit with your accountant once a week to do this. But in reality, most accountants end up keeping the finances of more than just one company, so you will have to catch him whenever he is free. So keep your accountant on speed-dial so you can contact him with ease anytime.

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