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Steps in Renovating A Home

18th November 2015 | Closed


Whether you are going to buy a new house or whether you are living in your house, you may have to renovate it at some point. Therefore, the steps of renovating a house is as below:

Identify and evaluate the need for renovation

This is important if you are buying a house. If the house need a lot of renovation, thinking what has to be done and the underlying cost before buying the house is important. This is because, you may use a lot of your savings and case to buy this house and you may be out of money to renovate it immediately. Therefore, see whether you can afford renovation on top of the cash you spend on buying the house.

Develop a list and identify what you are going to do and what you are going to outsource

The renovation may take weeks, or months. Therefore, identifying what can be done properly is important. So, develop a list on what has to be done. From changing the doorknob to replacing the roof, write down each and every renovation that you should carry out in your house. From this list, identify what you can do and identify what you can outsource. As an example, you can change the doorknob of you house but you cannot change the roofing material to roofing shingles in Sydney, a professional should do it for you. Segregate the activities.

Figure out where you are going to live during renovation and budget the cost attached

You may prefer to live in the house while it is been renovated or move out. Consider what you want to do. Some singles prefer to stay in the house while the renovation takes place so that they know what is happening and because they can help as well. If not, if you have a family with small children, its better to move out while the renovation happens. Considering these two options and identifying what has to be done and what’s best for you and your family is important. HG Nielsen & Co provides slate roofing services for your next renovation project. 

Plan how you are doing the renovation

Are you doing one step at a time, or are you going to undertake the total project at once. Planning how the renovation is been done is also important. This you have to identify before hand. If you have a low budget, you can do one room at a time. This way, you can focus on one room at a time and the stress will be low. Or else, if you can afford, you can take the total renovation project at once. This will take it off your plate quickly.